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Google Web Designer

Asim Khan is a certified Google Web Designer with 100% score. He have also completed other DoubleClick certifications which can be found here.

In September, Chrome is launching a new Plugin Power Saver feature, which will automatically pause Flash ads. Use Google Web Designer software to build HTML5 Rich Media creatives.

You can take a 30-question quiz to check your Google Web Designer skills.

To download quiz answers, please follow this link

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Rich Media Mastheads

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Rich media banners are flash banners that employ images, text, sound and video. They are often interactive, inviting the user to play a game, navigate through different “pages”, turn the sound on/off, select an item from a drop-down, pause the video and so on. Also, a rich media banner can use several other technologies besides flash, such as Java, Javascript, and DHTML.

Click below banner image to view the Masthead YouTube banner in DoubleClick Studio.


Youtube Masthead Banner


Double Click Rich Media Banner


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After Effect Video Animation

Kiosk Model Development

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3D Models

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Flash Product Video

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Flash  and After Effects Animation

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